National Service Hotline0086-0877-4016866
National Service Hotline0086-0877-4016866
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Yuxi Huali, located in the south of China---Yunnan Province, is a modern comprehensive company included in the catalog management enterprise of the "Announcement" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, covering a land area of 120 acres.The company has been focusing on integrating automobile manufacturing, research & design, and international trading sicne its establishement, aiming to be the top supplier in logistics transportation and energy equipment industries......
  • registered assets 2100 million yuan
  • floor area 120 mu
  • include 11 series
  • research and development 200 products
Commercial Vehicle Market in 2024: Continuously Stabilizing and Improving Four Major Segments Expect...
  • 21
    As the basis of the automobile industry there are many kinds of auto parts including casting parts...
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  • Tel:0086-0877-4016866
  • Add:Jinshui District, Dahua Industrial Park, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province
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